Online Marketing

Nowadays, the World Wide Web is one of the media most used to gather information. Sadly, the quality of content available online is highly volatile. However, the Internet is also a potentially very effective platform to generate new customers. A targeted approach opens up great possibilities in communicating successfully with your target groups. However, the right know-how is the essential foundation to realize the full potential. For the potential customer the competition’s offer is only a mouse click away. Many users find it difficult to determine which offer is the best and most credible.

Online marketing is one of’s core competencies. We address potential customers and interested people online in a targeted and effective way.

For our clients we gain


  • Well compiled content (=web presence), that is in line with the set objective with regard to content and technical sophistication (search engine optimization/responsive design/appealing features and content)

During the on-going process

  • High performing and effective online marketing campaigns (e.g. Google Adwords)
  • Retargeting
  • Social media campaigns
  • Advertisement on a performance basis (e.g. cpc/cpa) – you only pay for clicks on your adverts/new customer generation.
  • Creation of, and participation in, affiliate programs.


  • Content marketing (continuous and fresh content to effectively approach new potential customers)
  • Stringent search engine optimization
  • Creation and further development of partnerships (Link and content cooperation)