hosts cochlear implant patient information day

“Selbstbewusst aus der Stille“ („Selfconfidently out of the silence”) was the slogan of the cochlear implant patient information day. Its objective was to inform users and potential users of cochlear implants as well as the public about hearing impairment and the possibilities implants offer. Cochlear implants have made the dream come true of completely replacing a human sensory organ. Since its development 30 years ago it helps people with hearing difficulties to experience the world of sound.

Top-class clinic dirctors answered the questions of 120 guests at the studio of the broadcasting service Rhein-Neckar Fernsehen. Visitors could inform themselves extensively at the booths of the self-help groups, manufacturers of cochlear implants and acousticians. supported the implementation of the cochlear implant information day in all areas of event planning, including a comprehensive PR and media campaign in preparation of the event.

Organizing the patient information day was`s first assignment in health care marketing.

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